Service Coordination

Megan with her Service Coordinator Carletta
Megan with her Service Coordinator Carletta

Service Coordination services are the main point of entry to Missouri’s system of developmental disability services. All persons found eligible for Missouri Division of Developmental Disability (MO DDD) services are assigned a Service Coordinator who will assess a person’s needs and preferences and work with the individual and their planning team in developing an Individualized Support Plan (ISP). PCADD employs a team of Service Coordination staff who perform this function for area persons with developmental disabilities.

The ISP details a mix of both paid and generic community services that address an individual’s desired outcomes, preferences, and support needs required in order for the individual to succeed in community based settings, including employment and community living settings. Service Coordinators authorize all MO DDD paid and contracted services determined to be required by the individual as outlined in the ISP.

Service Coordinators monitor the quality of services funded through the MO DDD that is provided by contracted nonprofit agencies. Part of this process includes ensuring that each individual’s fundamental human and legal rights are ensured at all times, and that due process is followed in any effort to limit rights.

Service Coordinators also provide linkages to other community resources that may provide additional assistance to persons on their caseload, including agencies that provide governmental assistance and benefits, advocacy, education, and other community services.