Other Services

In addition to our core services, PCADD provides a variety of additional services designed to carry out our mission in enabling persons with developmental disabilities to succeed.

taking in the Card’s home opener.
Taking in the Card’s home opener.

Respite Care

Sometimes families who are caring for their adult son or daughter need a break or have an emergency when they cannot provide that care. In that case, New Era Home can occasionally provide anywhere from just a few hours of respite care to multi-day, extended respite care with trained staff. If New Era Home is not able to meet the needs of the individual, PCADD will try to secure respite care elsewhere. If respite care is something your adult son or daughter needs, please ask your Service Coordinator about this service.

Temporary Residential Care Reimbursement

This program allows families to secure their own caretaker for their son or daughter who has a developmental disability, to pay for the care, and then be reimbursed by PCADD up to a maximum of $85 per month. For more information please contact your Service Coordinator.

Having fun at the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day dance
Having fun at the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day dance

Adult Recreation Program

PCADD offers several recreational activities for adults throughout the year. These include dances, trips, Christmas lights tour and various other activities. If interested, contact our Recreation Coordinator Melony Grote at 573-324-5493 to make sure your name is on the invitation list for all activities!

People First

PCADD sponsors the local chapter of People First, an organization run by and for area persons with developmental disabilities. People First members learn how to make informed decisions, how to have greater control over their lives, how to make connections within the community, and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Project STIR

PCADD provides training throughout the year to persons served in the Steps Toward Independence and Responsibility program, known as Project STIR. This program spans multiple weeks and provides in-depth training to persons with developmental disabilities on their rights and responsibilities as citizens.